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Sony RX100 VII – Best Vlogging Camera??

Sony RX100 VII - Best Vlogging Camera??

In this video I will test out the Sony RX100 VII for vlogging in the real world and basically do a quick review. I stopped at the Basha Kill wildlife preserve on the way home from work, because I wanted to get some sample photos, video, ect.. and it’s one of my favorite spots to visit. The road was closed however, so I sort of turned into journalistic mode and decided to film my curiosity as the road appeared to be closed.

Come along for the ride as I investigate why the road was closed and at the same time go over the Sony RX100 VII as it pertains to vlogging in the real world. Be sure to ask question below if you have them and my full highly detailed RX100 VII review is in the works so please stay tuned for that!

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