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Sony RX100 VI, and VA – Slow Motion Video, High Frame Rate Mode, HFR

In this beginner oriented video tutorial I will go over Slow Motion Video, or High Frame Rate Mode (HFR) as Sony calls it, using the Sony RX100 VI. I will also show some examples of what the camera can do in the real world using the HFR feature at various frame rates. My Full RX100 VI Review is Here >>

This tutorial will also work for the Sony RX100 VA which I recently reviewed here >>

Some people might think the HFR Mode (Slow-Mo feature) is just a bull crap feature and no big deal, but I totally disagree. The “camera” is nothing more than a tool to help you capture moments. At the end of the day, that is all it is. The more powerful the tool, theoretically, the better it is.

Now, have you ever watched a child blow bubbles? Well try capturing that in slow motion and then watching it. It’s pure magic! The tool allowed you to capture something and then view it in a way that we as humans are not able to do in real time by nature. The tool (camera) allows us to experience these types of moments in another dimension called slow-motion, and that is amazing power!!

Pro Tip: The better the light, the better the slow-mo footage will be. The camera shutter speed needs to match the frame rate, so if the light is low, the ISO will need to be very high in order to film at whatever frame rate you are using. Keep this in mind, and your slow-mo footage will look it’s very best by utilizing the lowest ISO value possible. The higher the ISO, the more noisy the footage will look.
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Sony RX100 VI – Slow Motion Video, High Frame Rate Mode, HFR

Detailed HFR Mode Options From the Manual:

Link to High Frame Rate Mode in the Manual >>

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