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Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens – Lab Testing Photos

Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens - Lab Testing
70mm @ f/4

In this article I will be covering the Lab testing photos from the Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens I am currently reviewing at the time I write this 😉 I used my Sony A7C2 for the camera body…

So after doing this testing I can tell you this lens is very sharp at all focal lengths, it has nearly zero fringing visible anywhere, and the zoom range is really impressive for the size and weight of the lens in my opinion.

The constant f/4 max aperture allows the lens to much smaller and lighter weight than it would be if it had a larger f/2.8 aperture which I know some people would really like. That is where the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II Lens comes into play…

Perhaps in the future Sony will make a 20-70mm f/2.8 GM lens or maybe something like a 16-50mm f/2.8 G or GM lens for example… We will just have to wait and see, but it’s nice to know we currently have 73 other Sony E-mount lenses and tons more from Sigma, Tamron, Viltrox and more to choose from…

Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens

Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens

Key Features:

  • Full-Frame | f/4 to f/22
  • Ultra-Wide Standard Zoom
  • Manual Aperture, De-Click & Lock Switch
  • 16 Elements in 13 Groups
  • Dual XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors
  • Supports Micro-Step Aperture Control
  • Fluorine Coatings
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
  • Dust & Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Minimum Focus Distance = 9.8″ / 25 cm
  • Max Magnification = 0.39X
  • 72mm Filter Thread
  • Custom Button
  • AF/MF switch
  • Weight= 17.2 oz / 488 g
  • Retail Price: $1099 US
  • Check Current Price:
  • Real World Sample Photos >>

20mm Distortion Test With & Without Lens Correction Applied

First I wanted to show you the distortion at 20mm without the lens correction applied and with the lens correction applied for those wanting to see that. Personally this does not bother me, because I apply the lens correction to my raw files and the video footage is automatically corrected in camera. The camera manufactures are using in camera correction technology a lot these days to help keep the lenses smaller and lighter weight, so please keep that in mind as this distortion is fairly normal these days on wider angle zoom lenses in particular from Sony. Canon and Nikon also do this, just so you know, and third party lenses tend to not have as much distortion, because the in camera correction is not always available for non Sony lenses. After doing this for over a decade that is what I have seen fairly consistently…

Sony FE 20-70mm f/2.8 G Lens
20mm – Lens Correction Applied
Sony FE 20-70mm f/2.8 G Lens
20mm – NO Lens Correction Applied

Focal Range Demo Test In Lab

Sharpness/ Pixel Peeping Test







Minimum Focus Distance Test @ 70mm Max Magnification .39X

Closing Remarks

Alright guys that about wraps up the lab testing photos for the fairly new Sony FE 20-70mm f/4 G Lens…

Overall I am impressed with the large range and excellent optical quality across the board! I also really like the .39X magnification you get at 70mm and the parfocal performance when zooming.

Full review coming soon and I have some real world sample photos you can check out my clicking the image below…