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Travel Tripod Shootout | Manfrotto, Peak Design, Gitzo, and Sirui

In this video Chris from DPReview does a Travel Tripod Shootout between the big hitters in the industry. His videos are great, because he is very entertaining and knowledgeable, plus always covers the stuff that matters in the real world.

The tripods Chris used in this shootout were all fairly expensive carbon fiber units that were all capable of going to eye level in height. Clearly carbon tripods are lightweight, but they due tend to cost a lot more than their aluminum counterparts. So, if your on a budget, but still want that high quality, Consider the metal version at the cost of some weight.

These tripods also vary in size, weight, and design so depending on your needs you will find the features that matter to you and this will certainly give you a better idea of what to look for when trying to find the best travel tripod for yourself. You get what you pay for!

Tripods used for shootout:

Closing Remarks

That is about it for this quick tripod review style article, but I really hope it gave you an idea of what is currently available online rulet siteleri and you learned a few things about the latest travel carbon tripods.

Have a good day, and I’ll catch up with you later, Jay