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Sony Cameras and HDR Photography – Tutorial

Sony Cameras and HDR Photography - Tutorial

In this quick video tutorial I will show you how to create HDR Photos using the Sony RX100 VII. I will go over the easy way (Auto HDR), and the higher quality more involved method I prefer by bracketing exposures and processing those raw files using HDR specific software known as HDR Efx Pro which you can get Here >>

What I did not mention in the video and I want to add here is the value in setting the ISO to 100. If you want the cleanest images possible, you will want to use a low ISO value such as 100. So I recommend hard setting the ISO to 100 most of the time when you are using a tripod and you don’t need to freeze any action. I was hand holding for most of my photos in this demonstration, so I actually wanted Auto ISO to ensure the shutter speed was fast enough to capture sharp shots on each exposure. I should have mentioned this in the video, but better late than never 😉

Thanks for watching and be sure ask questions below if you have them!

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