Sony Savings, Discounts, Rebates, and Deals!!

savings, Deals, & Rebates

Sony just announced a promo list of discounts on a ton of cameras and bundle deals!! I don’t create posts like this very often, but every once and a while an update is in order for those in the market for new gear.
Here is the link to Sony’s article on the matter, but it doesn’t link to any retailers. So, I made it nice and easy for you guys by including the links to the best retailers below…

So for those interested, please check out the list of Sony Savings, Discounts, Rebates, and Deals below…
Once you click on a link, you will be presented with all the available bundles and potential combinations of gear, and the savings will be included when you look at the final price.

Sony Mirrorless Camera Savings

Sony Cyber-shot & Action Camera Savings:

Camcorder Savings and Bundle Links:

Closing Remarks:

As I said above, I don’t often post an article like this, but every once and while it’s worth sharing, because Sony is about to announce new gear and they discount everything and offer these great bundle deals that you might not be aware of.

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