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Sony FX3 Firmware Update – It’s Awesome and How-To Install

Sony just released a firmware update for the entry level cinema camera known as the FX3. I had my hands on this awesome camera a few months back and I was really impressed to say the least.

With this V2.0 update you get a significant upgrade in cinema line specific features like the Sony FX6 and FX9 for example.

Get the Sony FX3 Update Here:

Sony FX3 New Firmware 2.0 – Now Even Closer To The FX6

My good friend Josh Sattin broke down the new firmware and features like a champ, and if your interested in upgrading I would check out this video below.

FX3 Firmware 2.0 // How to Install with Mac

Now that you hav e seen what the beefy firmware update does for the FX3, you might want to try installing and upgrading your camera! For that my friend Rafael Ludwig just dropped an awesome tutorial video on how-to install the new Sony FX3 Firmware using a Mac computer.

FX3 Version 2 Updates: Everything you Need to Know