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New Sony 16-25mm f/2.8 G Lens Announced

New Sony FE 16-25mm f/2.8 G Lens

Sony recently announced another compact f/2.8 G badged zoom lens known as the FE 16-25mm f/2.8 G Lens. It’s going for $1198 US and pairs with the few months ago new FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens that goes for a slightly less $1098 US. My Review for the new FE 24-50mm f/2.8 G Lens is Here >>

Now this is really interesting because is Sony going to come out with a FE 50-85mm f/2.8 G lens next is my first thought as this is a new type of lens line has less zoom range per lens. With that less zoom range, comes less size, weight, cost, and versatility…. So a lot of good and some negative on the versatility front. Some might say, just go for primes lenses instead, but that is a matter of personal preference..

So basically in my opinion these new Sony G lenses are like baby GM lenses in optical quality and build, but they lack the extra zoom range of the GM lens counter parts, and on the newer GM lenses pack some other features as well like 4 AF motors, lock switches for the aperture, and a much more hefty price tag…

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New Sony 16-25mm f/2.8 G Lens

Key Features:

  • Full-Frame | f/2.8 to f/22
  • Fast, Lightweight, Wide-Angle Zoom
  • De-Clickable Aperture Ring, No Lock Switch
  • Focus Hold Button, AF/MF Switch
  • 16 lens elements in 13 groups
  • Three Aspherical Elements
  • One ED Asph. Element, Three ED Elements
  • Rounded 11-blade diaphragm
  • Fluorine Coating
  • Minimum Focus Distance = 7.1″ / 18 cm
  • Dust and Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Filter Thread = 67mm
  • Weight = 0.9 lb / 409 g
  • Price = $1198 US
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Official Press Re-lease Here:

“SAN DIEGO. April 16, 2024 – Sony Electronics is pleased to announce the FE 16-25mm F2.8 G (SEL1625G), a large-aperture wide-angle zoom lens compatible with Sony’s α™ (Alpha™) E-mount cameras. This latest addition delivers sharp imagery from 16 mm through 25 mm while maintaining a maximum aperture of F2.8 over the entire zoom range. The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G is the smallest and lightest constant F2.8 zoom lens that Sony has produced to date. The compact design is a signature feature of Sony’s G lens series and makes it a highly portable lens option.

The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G’s wide-angle lens offers photographers and videographers an expanded range of creative expression, allowing them to capture a variety of subjects including landscapes, architecture, portraits, and selfie-shooting. This new addition follows the FE 24-50mm F2.8 G standard zoom lens announced February 2024, both offering many of the same characteristics including filter diameter, aperture, and compact size and weight.

“The ​ FE 16-25mm F2.8 G was designed to offer creators a wide-angle lens option that perfectly balances large-aperture, compact form factor, and high-image quality. This is the 73rd addition to our E-mount lens line-up, and just another step in our commitment to providing photographers and videographers with the perfect lens solutions for their specific needs,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “The ​ FE 16-25mm F2.8 G is a fantastic lens with high-resolution performance, beautiful bokeh, and high precision autofocus. It is a perfect companion to the Alpha 7C R and Alpha 7C II compact full-frame camera bodies, and together they offer an unbeatable lightweight set-up.”

Key Features of FE 16-25mm F2.8 G

The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G features an impressively compact and lightweight design with a width of 74.8mm (about 2.94 in), length of 91.4mm (about 3.58 in), filter diameter of φ67 mm, and weight of approximately 409g. 

This lens incorporates advanced optical technology to deliver exceptional image quality across the entire frame. By incorporating three Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements and four aspherical lenses (including one ED aspherical lens), the lens design effectively minimizes various optical aberrations, including chromatic aberration.

The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G combines an 11-blade circular aperture and the optimization of spherical aberration to produce the signature smooth bokeh known to the G lens series. Moreover, it offers functional close-up shooting capabilities with a minimum shooting distance of 0.18m and a maximum magnification of 0.20x when using autofocus (AF)i.

The lens is equipped with two linear motors that enable exceptional autofocus performance, delivering high-speed, high-precision, and quiet focusing capabilities, even when capturing fast-moving subjects. These linear motors ensure swift and accurate focusing, allowing photographers and videographers to maintain sharpness and clarity in their images and videos, even in challenging shooting situations. Furthermore, it supports high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking of up to 120 frames per second, a feature capable of being used when paired with the Alpha 9 III full-frame mirrorless cameraii

The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G excels in video performance, ensuring smooth and precise focusing even when shooting high-frame-rate videos such as 4K120p or FHD240piii. The lens is equipped with linear response manual focus (MF), allowing videographers to make precise focus adjustments with ease. Additionally, it supports in-body Active Mode Image Stabilizationiv and Focus Breathing to optimize video capture. 

The lens is equipped with practical and user-friendly functionality including a customizable focus hold button, aperture ring, aperture click ON/OFF switch, and a focus mode switch. The ​ FE 16-25mm F2.8 G’s design is dust and moisture resistantv, and includes a fluorine coating to further prevent dirt from sticking to the front surface of the lens.

Pricing and Availability

The FE 16-25mm F2.8 G will be available for pre-sale April 17, 2024, and purchase May 10, 2024. It will retail for approximately $1,199.99 USD and $1,599.99 CAN, at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.”