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What Next for the Full Frame Sony A7-Series Cameras?

Sony A7s

Sony has come out now the the third model full frame E-mount A-series camera and the question is, will they come out with another one before updating the body? I mean lets be frank 😉 It’s awesome, but not perfect and we could use some other features as well! So what will the next generation Full frame e-mount a-series cameras have to offer and what would you like to see? I will speculate below with my speculation, but I honestly have no idea what Sony is planning!

What I Want!

I know I want the killer fast hybrid AF found in the new A6000 which I recently reviewed Here >> I would also like better doors with rubber gaskets for real deal weather sealing. That should come standard with the new refined camera body design that does not have an awkward lip at the top where the menu button is located. I also think a fully articulating high res touch screen would be a nice feature that many would appreciate once getting familiar with the touch to focus and shoot feature!  I also think the front control dial that the pointer finger uses, could be better designed.  Honestly these are things that a next generation model should address as far as the body goes. Self-timer and bracketing! What are you thinking Sony? Anything else guys, please post in the comments below!

Sensor Technology?

So over the past few years we have had rumors and patents about organic sensors, BW Sensor, 40-50mp sensors, 5-pixel pentagon pixel array sensors, stacked pixel arrays, and curved sensor technology. So, What will Sony actually come out with on a commercial level for the full frame cameras? I have no idea, but would hope for a compromising all-in-one beast.

After reviewing the latest Full Frame E-Mount Sony A7s, I am convinced Sony can come out with the best camera ever made yet again! First was the Nex-6 in my opinion, fallowed up by the A7r considering the price to performance ratio. So, what do we need to beat that?

So what I want is a ~18-22mp Full Frame Hybrid AF Sensor that has killer high ISO and Dynamic range. DXOMark Sensor Score Numbers that are comparable the A7s and A7r in other words 😉

So What Will Actually Be Next?

FE Lenses for sure, but I’m thinking Sony might try and come out with another A7 series camera with the same body to maximize profits and return on investment. Perhaps a super high MP unit or a BW sensor model to compete with the Leica crowd. Then, a few months after that I think Sony might announce a new generation A7-Series model as a teaser to really milk the promotion and marketing process to the fullest. A few months after that, the official announcement. Mind you, I’m basing this off the past few years experience in the industry as far as how Sony cameras get re-leased and so fourth. I could be totally wrong in this regard…

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Sony A7r Extended Use Report

So after purchasing the Full Frame Sony A7r after reviewing it (Click Here), I do have a few nit-pics about the camera in particular. It’s slow. It really needs a faster processor to handle the larger MP sensor resolution. Especially when using the Sony A7s (Review Here), it was incredible to see the speed difference. The A7s is more than twice as fast in some situations due to this. In most cases it’s not a real problem, but it’s worth noting that a really high end fast memory card is critical if time between shots is of major importance. I love using my Canon Lenses and the Old School Minolta 50mm f/1.4 Rokkor-X lens in particular. Check out the 50mm Challenge This Way >>

I rarely use native lenses unless I am reviewing them. On my Nex-6 I do often use the native lenses though for size and weight convenience.
The A7r is my new maximum quality rig, so I don’t mind using the lens adapters at all, because time is never an issue. If time is an issue and I need max quality, then a Native lens would really be needed honestly, but I still have my old Canon 5d Mark II, so I have not splurged on any native FE lenses just yet. Well, I simple can’t afford it is the thing… 😉

My Sony A7-Series Reviews

10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon and started shooting with Sony

This is the best video I have ever seen comparing the DSLR to Mirrorless, Nikon to Sony more specifically. This dude breaks it down like a real person which I love and it’s also funny how he asks Sony to sponsor him at the end. lol, I’ve been trying for years, but they won’t even talk to me unfortunately. Jason Lanier may have enough klout to get it done though based on the amount of video views so far and his amazing portfolio of work he must have.

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Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, but please be sure to check out the forums (Click Here) and also consider sharing some thoughts below in the comments area!


      1. I am familiar with crop factor Jay, looks like you missed that my test was done with the Lens Turbo 2 so my 6 is delivering a close to FF focal range with the lenses (1.1 crop factor or so from what I have read). So I was not shocked by it, I just thought the noise performance was going to blow away my 6 but then again, I have to factor in the LT2 I guess into helping to even things out.
        I do like the dynamic range on your first photo example for that A7
        Basically what I want from my next upgrade is a 6400 that looks like my NEX6 3200 or heck, even 1600! Think is happening soon? 🙂

        1. Hey Gabrial,
          The speed booster is awesome, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not the same format is what I was getting at. Full frame vs APS-C even with the booster. Yes it increases speed and utilizes ff lenses better, but does not alter sensor size obviously.
          I wanted to show you that article so you could see just how close they actually are in the real world, even with the actual formats being different (sensor sizes). You can see the field of view is different on the full frame shots and also the depth of field is noticeable different in the close-up sample shots. The Crop factor also has a huge effect which is very apparent in the close-up images. Dynamic range is also different and colors very slightly.
          All that being said dropping a few Mega-pixel does get you so much! The Sony A7s is absolutely incredible in the low light department and the full review is this way If you have not checked it out already >>
          I do think the next generation model will be around the 18-20mp with killer DR and High ISO abilities. Maybe not A7s good, but close and enough MP for 16×20 prints easily! I also know Sony loves to split the products up, so the all-in-one miracle camera is probably never going to happen. They make a decent all in one, the a monster mega pixel with no AA filter, then a low MP High ISO monster? Three very different cameras models. So most likely they will launch at least two new versions with varying power and features. The A7s will probably be around for a while though.
          The A6000 High ISO is almost exactly the same as my Nex-6 in the Lab testing and that is 24 vs 16mp. So, the new 24mp full frame sensor should be much better than the current model with just the A6000 sensor technology. Who says they are not using the next generation beyond that though? The pixel density will also be way less due to the full frame format sensor size. Therefore the individual pixels will be much larger and therefore better in both High ISO and Dynamic Range.
          I also hear Fuji has a new sensor that has double the dynamic range of current sensors! Oh yeah, I know that is insane, but it’s organic I believe and Sony is also working on this tech as mentioned in the article above. 29EV’s of DR!! Can you imagine?
          Thanks again for the comments,

          1. I get what you are saying and thanks for the detailed reply and all the work you do on this website!
            29EV now THAT is what I call a dream!
            BTW have you ever compared a Rokinon 85mm 1.4 to a Canon FD 85mm 1.2L open wide? I always dreamed about that FD lens but the Rokinon seems to be highly regarded by many people…so I wouldnt mind saving the money.

          2. Hi Gabriel and anytime! 😉
            I have not tried the Canon FD 85mm f/1.2L lens but it did try the EF Canon 85mm f/1.2 L lens and it was amazing! It was not razor sharp wide open but not bad. I really think the Rokinon is pretty awesome, especially for the money spent. I have used several Rokinon lenses and for the money I have always been impressed by there performance. If you want the best, you will have to pay though unfortunately. Nowadays I personally would consider the Rokinon considering I have way less investment capital to pull from!
            You can always rent the lens to don’t forget. A great option when looking to invest in a specialty piece like this.

          3. True renting is an option indeed.
            I am thinking of for example getting the 85mm for EOS mount and even if I add a Lens Turbo 2 for it, it will still be a lot cheaper than the Canon and I end up with an 85mm 1.4 AND a 135mm 1.4 in a way 😀
            Thanks again

  1. I see lot of issues can be done for nearly perfect second A7-series generation and of course, the same for aps-c series too, including real NEX-7 replacement model. I actually prefere EVF in the left corner, but do not know it can be relocated on A7 series or not, of what others prefere. EVF in the left corner makes body much smaller, because body + lens combo is big, if body is high!
    The most important for me are:
    – in-body stabilisation as mandatory feature to all bodies with direct control switch;
    – 24MP sensor with nearly as good as A7S high ISO perfomance for having croping ability (no need to puch more);
    – fully electronic shutter option for unnoticable shooting alike A7S;
    – no Shooting Mode dial; it is much better to use this part on the top of the body for internal flash, alike on a6000/NEX7/NEX6 and surely can be turned up;
    – touch screen
    – weather sealed body
    – better designed A7 series top of the body ( totally agree with Jay)
    – 4-navy like it is, but without dedicated +/- dial, let one select what important for he/her (for me probably ISO, so entering into 75% Manual Mode use).

    1. Thanks for the awesome detailed suggestions Aavo!
      I don;t think IBIS is going to happen just yet because of all the OSS lenses, but you never know. I would love to see that, but it’s just not in Sony’s mind set as far as i can tell. They will come out with that technology in a Cyber-shot fixed lens style camera though I bet!
      Again, really good insights and recommendations for Sony 😉

      1. Thank you!
        If to add, some great more
        – tiltabel EVF (turning up)
        – small b/w LCD on the top of the body for basic info, can be located on the 2 thumb dials, greatly on A6000/NEX7 alike bodies.

  2. Hi Jay,
    I would like to see a FF camera within the NEX6/7 Alpha 6000 form factor (rangefinder style), Alpha 6000 speed and electronic shutter. That’s all. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comments Reiner and interesting proposal 😉 I suppose if they move the viewfinder to where the A6000 is they could make a much smaller body for sure! It’s coming I have no doubt, but first generation will probably have no viewfinder and be a bare bones smallest ever in the world unit. Then the “A6000” full frame body style version next perhaps?

  3. My A7r is mainly used for insect macro photography behind a Metabones adapter and Canon’s unique MP-E 65 macro lens. For this application, the mechanical shutter, apart from being possibly the loudest on any modern camera, presents two drawbacks:
    1) the high 1/4 sec shutter lag compromises focussing accuracy, which then requires precise timing whilst moving fractionally towards and away from the subject,
    2) at higher magnifications the potential for reduction of image detail due to shutter vibration might be improved with an electronic front curtain, as sported by the A7.
    I’d like an electronic shutter option please.
    Oh, and 5-axis in-body image stabilisation, like the Olympus OM-Ds and PENs.
    And a more logical menu system.
    And the Menu button placed on the right hand side for single-handed operation, like the E-M1.
    And a shortcut for deleting all images on the SD card at once.
    And a touch screen.
    And a button for switching between EVF and monitor, again like the E-M1.
    How about doubling the functionality of some of the buttons by the addition of a ‘press and hold’ option, rather than just ‘press and release’?

    1. Hi Ian and thanks for the excellent suggestions and insights 😉 I would love to see a “favorites” menu for that format option and other things we need to access occasionally that are to deep in various menus. Live View mode for example when doing studio flash is always a pain in the butt to find and so on…
      Sony, Please make it user programmable and just put it at the end of the menu after the toolbox as a Star Tab. Case closed and so many complaints from cross over Canikon customers squashed. Plus it makes logical sense as the function menu can not handle certain things.
      Thanks again,

  4. Sony, please give us at least:
    Alpha A9 with:
    -36 megapixels
    -electronic first curtain shutter and/or fully electronic shutter
    -body 1inch higher and 1/2 inch wider so we will have:
    -larger battery and better handholding
    -heavier body made of sturdy alluminium for less vibration
    -bit larger knobs
    -full metal bayonet
    -change position of release button and front wheel
    Alpha A7000
    -more professional then A6000 (more robust).
    -focus peaking
    -better centralized

  5. the new one is out of the box, A7-II, 5 axis stabilization, new noise flattening system that works sectorial thus treats portions of the shot just where it needs to, weather sealing, full alloy mount, improved EVF, new grip in dslr style with wheel at the front and button on top of it. All in all no major improvement as Sony says in a humble way, the 24 mpix is the same as before, the housing is now full magnesium cast, no more plastic front.
    Now, all we wait for it the pro version with the full hybrid AF, what is not of any importance to me since i work MF only. The A7-2 has all I need and waited for in some way, it stabilizes all my ancient Minolta glass that it recognizes and synchronizes with the EA adapters and all others when you set focal length in the menu of the camera.
    Let us thus wait now what the A7000 will be, I am interested in both, despite the APSC format fits me more than FF anyway.I can get reduced DOF ranges with adequate optics in APSC, but I can do what I want, I will never get the same all over sharpness with the FF chip For that reason I even target the Pana GM5. The advanced all over sharpness when you travel a must, the small size and the choice of good lenses in AF for this camera make it a first choice for me. One camera for every kind of work, you can’t turn around that on a longer time base.

    1. Excellent comments Shamael and I agree with a lot of what you said! It’s a shame it doesn’t have the hybrid AF, but that will be the next generation sports model clearly. Not necessarily the A9 though.
      Thanks again,

      1. It has a hybrid AF system, 172+ points on sensor and 29 regular af points and both are active together with Sony’s major lenses. Read the factory specs on Sony site.

    1. Hardware as far as I can tell Jerry 😉 Different Shutter mechanism which is much louder and more clunky compared to the A7 or A7s models.

  6. Please no fully articulating screen! I could live with something like the A99 but I like shooting from the hip and having a screen that needs to flip out to the side throws the camera off balance. There isn’t a good way to hold it! Certainly not if you’ve got a largish/fastish lens on there. Now I’d love to have a touch screen but more for navigating the menus.

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