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So much talk about the new Sony Alpha A7s and it’s incredible high ISO abilities, it’s hard to really think or lust after anything else, but then Sigma comes along 😉

Sigma finally came out with the killer 50mm f/1.4 Art series lens for the Sony A-Mount cameras. This lens is so special because it’s one of the best 50mm lenses ever made and is going for a relatively fair price of $949 US. Especially when comparing it to the only lens that is better, the Zeiss Otus 50mm f/1.4 lens which goes for $3,999, or the other Sony 50mm f/1.4 Zeiss Planar T* ZA Lens which costs ~$1498 US.

I highly recommend this lens for anybody in the market needing a fast 50mm lens for full frame. camera! Wedding, portrait, and street photographers in particular will appreciate this focal range the most in my opinion. It’s by far the best option on the market when you factor in the optical quality and price. I would also expect serious back-orders on this lens, so pre-ordering would also be a good idea if you really want it bad.

Pre-Order the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Lens @ BHPhoto (Click Here) | Adorama (Click Here)

Sony Alpha A7s Info:

You have got to see this amazing low light/ high iso performance from the Sony Alpha A7s courtesy of SonyHowTo

Still no official price on new Sony Alpha A7s that I know of. It looks like Sony is waiting for the public feedback which is a little off putting to me honestly. It makes it seam like they are going to price the camera for as much as possible based on the wave of drooling people on the web. I could be totally wrong, but I just get that feeling every time a new product is re-leased like this with no price.

Sony A7S 4K Camera: NAB 2014

This is another must watch video about the new Sony A7s featuring Sony’s Mark Weir and the new full frame e-mount 28-135mm f/4.0 FE Powerzoom lens!

[quote]B&H interviews Sony’s Mark Weir about the new Sony a7S, a 4K mirrorless camera that shares a body (and full-frame E mount) with the a7/a7R but introduces a new 12.2 Mp sensor with large photosites that enable shooting in extremely low light. The camera records HD internally and full 4K externally via HDMI.[/quote]

Sony A7s Preview: ISO 409,700, 4K video (sort of), and *12* Megapixels

Tony Northrup breaks down the Sony Alpha A7s in detail. In particular he talks about the pixel density and high iso capabilities and how it relates to noise. He then talks about other features such as the poor fps rate and other features on the A7s.

Sony 70-200mm f2.8 SSM G Series II Lens Review

This is a must watch in my opinion by John Sison, and he really breaks the new Sony A-Mount 70-20mm f/2.8 SSM G II lens down in a clear concise manner. Excellent review and by the way, the lens goes for ~$2998 US, @ BHphoto | Amazon | Adorama

Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, but stay tuned for the full Sony Alpha A5000 review that I’m working on behind the scenes. The A5000 video review is actually up on my youtube channel (Click Here) if you want to check that out. High res sample images and all the other goodness coming soon in the full A5000 written review 😉

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  1. Jay, A good design Sony camera turned into a movie camera, they have plenty of movie cameras in their line up.
    They are not content on building on their existing A7 still cameras, but want to blur the line into a movie camera.
    This demonstrates well my frustration with Sony, they want to exhaust every possible avenue.
    I hope they have the heat issue well in hand and make sure you carry many batteries!

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks a lot for the comments! I hear your point and it’s a very good one that often plagues Sony. I think this type of thing is what comes with the most innovative of companies trying to figure out how to save money and make money. They are all trying to get the most out of their current assets given the crazy world economy/ market. Sony as you may know was in huge trouble financially on a global scale and was losing money in many devisions. They recently sold off the laptops and most of the TV’s to focus and expand the imaging sensor production. Sony is doing great in that sector of the market, and also in the mirrorless photography sector.
      What I noticed with the RX1 was Sony went with a core chassis design that could be basically adapted into any body style or shape. So instead of starting from scratch with the A7, Sony simply modified the RX1 and added a grip and a few other things, but the core of the camera is identical pretty much. Saving huge money and time in R&D
      So then we have the A7, A7r, and A7s. All identical camera body designs, but with different hardware swapped in/ out to make it better in certain areas. More metal here or there, etc.. The RX1 is basically a modular baseline design from and engineering standpoint I feel. Sony then said to the engineers, do what you can with this core design as cheaply as possible manufacturing wise. I must admit, from a business model this makes a ton of sense financially, and engineering wise this also makes a lot of sense. It is just to expensive to come out with an all new design every time, so Sony is taking the short-cut method these days with the full frame A7 line I feel. They are still building off the original RX1.
      Don’t get me wrong it’s very nice, but is sort of becoming pieced together like you are saying. Now a movie camera? Well sort of a low light shooters dream or a aspiring film makers dream. I don’t think that many pro cinematographers would use the A7s for a main camera, but as a specialty camera I absolutely believe they will want one on set. Having such an affordable and versatile solution for low light in the full frame format is an amazing technology regardless.
      As far as the heat goes? Sony said in one of the videos the 4k video can’t be written to the memory card in camera, because of heat issues. I guess it works the processor to much? not really sure. The Panasonic can do that, but the sensor is much smaller and gives off way less heat I would imagine. Sony is always weird with this stuff for some reason.
      Batteries must go really fast recording 4k I would imagine.

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