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Sony Nex-3n – Shooting Modes, Menus, and Camera Setup Explained

In this twenty plus minute HD video I will go over the Sony Nex-3n’s menus system in detail including the Shooting Modes, Camera Settings, Image Size, Playback, Brightness and Color, and Setup. It’s a pictorial based menu system at the first screen and you have to choose one of the above options. All these main menu options have more options within that vary in functionality based on what camera mode and/or feature you are using. The various camera functions like metering mode, auto focus mode, and other basic functions are hidden within the category’s and depending on what mode your in, some features are grayed out, while others are available for change.  This is all explained in the video as I change from Superior Auto Mode, to Aperture Priority and features that were grayed out are now available in the menus.

Pretty much all the Sony Nex Cameras menus are the same, so even if your not interested in the Nex-3n, you will still benefit to know all the features of your powerful camera.

Sony Nex-3n Menus Explained

Starting with the Sony Nex-3n Shooting Modes, I will go though each one individually with a brief visual explanation. The Shooting Modes consist of, Superior Auto, Intelligent Auto, Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual Exposure, Sweep Panorama, and Scene Selection. This is the same for all the current Nex camera models except the Nex-7 which has a different menu system.

The rest of the Nex-3n Menus System is covered in the movie. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any, as I may have glossed over something that you need more info about etc..

Also, be sure to select the quality option on the video player once the movie starts. You can then select the 720p HD option which looks more crisp.

Closing Remarks

The Sony Nex-3n Menu System is pretty easy to get used to once you know what setting your looking for and I cover pretty much everything in the video. If you own a Nex camera and just watched the video, you will see the menu systems are pretty much the same except for hardware differences such as flash and accessory option limitations.

I hope you all got something out of this detailed HD video tutorial and please feel free to ask questions below, or if you have firmware update requests be sure to mention them 😉

Thanks, Jay