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Sony a7R IV Raw File Review!

Jared Polin just did a great job reviewing some Sony A7R IV Raw files and I thought you might want to check out the video! Also, be sure to check out and A7R IV Image Quality Test Tony Northrup did here >>, and the full breakdown article I wrote on the new Sony A7R IV Here >>

Basically in a nutshell, Jared was super impressed with the raw files, although the camera was underexposing a bit when compared to what the new viewfinder was showing him. He needed to raise the image exposure in Lightroom by 1 full stop pretty much. Sony cameras are notorious for underexposing about 1/2 a stop based on my experience over the years, and I was thought it was to preserve the highlight detail at all costs. Every camera manufacture has their preferred metering algorithms though, and Sony’s is clearly on the preserving highlights side of things when compared to other camera manufacturers. Jared seemed to think the viewfinder was more the reason in this case however, so this is worth taking note of.

As far as the Sony A7R IV being a medium format killer, Jared says no it is not. The medium format is a much larger sensor and it produces different images. It would be better to say the Sony A7r IV has the best image quality out of a full frame 35mm digital format.

EXCLUSIVE Sony a7R IV RAW File REVIEW! “Medium Format Quality” or WAY over HYPED?

You can download the raw files to play with Zeplin oyna yourself on Jared’s website Here >>