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Where is the Sony A7s III?

I just came across this very interesting speculation video by Matt WhoisMatt Johnson, and it was really well done with some excellent thoughts on the mystery that is “Where is the Sony A7 III?”

Basically his theory is the devastating earthquake that destroyed a Sony sensor factor back in the day is most likely the culprit and he raises some very good points to back it up.

I must agree that the new Sony A7R IV video specs not changing from the previous A7R III camera does add some weight to the fact that the new Sony A7S III is coming. It really is time and I’m looking forward to the announcement.

My theory, which sort of goes along with Matt’s is that Sony is struggling to get a 35mm full frame sensor to produce 4k/60p in the ultra compact A7S II camera body without overheating. Therefore Sony is being forced to make a new camera body and/or chassis to accommodate the heat dissipation required. The original plan was probably that they would develop a sensor and processor that could handle it all, but like Matt said, that plan got foiled by the earthquake which does make sense.

I think Sony now has this new sensor, but the camera is still having overheating issues, so the camera body is being re-designed and this is what is taking so darn long. I also think the Sony A7S III will be slightly higher resolution, so it can shoot 6K and possible 8K video to some degree. Sony loves to be #1 don’t forget 😉

Good things come to those that wait, but Sony is losing market share on this one for sure! They really need to make an announcement soon as it relates to the A7S III in my opinion.

By the way, kick ass beard Matt!!

Where is the Sony A7s III?

Closing Remarks

So what is your theory with the Sony A7S III whereabouts? What specs would you like to see in the Sony A7s III if it ever comes out?? Please let me know below in the comments area, because bonanza oyna I would love to hear your theories and specs wish list!

I’ll catch up with you later, Jay