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Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Shootout

Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Shootout

In this excellent mirrorless camera comparison style review Jared Polin goes over the three best bang for the buck full frame beasts available today. He really does an awesome job quickly comparing the specs in detail between each camera and adds his normal sarcastic humor. In addition you get hammered with consistent commercial breaks which although a little annoying, it is understandable considering the quality content.

Food for thought…

What we all must remember at the end of the day is that all these cameras will do an amazing job if you know what you are doing. They are just tools to the art of photography. With that being said, clearly the Sony A7 III is the best option in my opinion based on features, lens selection, and overall quality. Sure, some of the other cameras have a better DSLR like ergonomic body, but the Sony is still ahead of the competition feature wise for the most part when it comes to the money.

Cameras Covered in this Review:

Sony a7 III vs Nikon Z6 vs Panasonic S1 vs Canon EOS R | Which Mirrorless Camera SHOULD You Buy?

Closing Remarks

So at the end of the day Jared went with the Nikon Z6, because it’s clearly a great camera, the most affordable option, and he has tons of Nikon glass already. It just made sense to him to go that route, plus it comes with a free adapter. However he also highly recommended the Sony with the caveat that you will need to invest in Sony glass if you are switching systems. The Canon is good for those that have tons of Canon EF glass, and if you don’t really need quality video. The Panasonic S1 is a great option camera body wise and for video specs, but the af is not that good, the battery life is not very good, and there is not near enough glass available yet for him to recommend that camera. I totally agree in that regard.

I hope you got something out of this video, and please let me know which camera you would go with in this current full Baccarat Oynatan Casino Slot Siteleri frame mirrorless camera market. I bet it’s the Sony??

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Cameras Covered in this comparison Review: