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Using SONY AX700, AX43, and AX53 camcorders for multi-camera live video stream w/ATEM mini

This is an awesome video courtesy of Patrick Murphy-Racey where he explains how he’s recording using multiple cameras for live streaming purposes at his church. I learned a lot watching this video and I highly recommend you check it out if your are interested in doing something like this, or just want to know how it can be done. Two thumbs way up!!

Info below the video on youtube courtesy of Patrick:

Many of us cannot attend church right now, se we’ve all had to learn about doing live streaming to the internet in order to attend religious services virtually while the pandemic continues. I had to help out my own church and I used each Sunday for the five Sundays leading up to Easter to perfect my own stream in order that families could still hear a message of hope during the Covid19 crisis. Each Sunday I tried to up my game, adding cameras, the ATEM Mini switcher from Blackmagic, and improving my audio feed. I worked completely by myself on this and my learning curve was steep. This video offers an overview of the equipment I used to capture Easter in 2020. I break down this video into the three cameras, how they all connect to the ATEM Mini, explain my audio, and how I feed one line of mono audio into the Sony XLRK2M to make things more simple and to be able to ride gains on the fly. I was a one man band. Hopefully this will help you understand how to move from a boring single camera stream into something more dynamic and with added production value, but on a budget… Please post altyazılı porno your questions/comments below 🙂 Peace, and be safe out there!!!! pm-r 🙂

Gear mentioned in the video:

  1. Hi there very nice presentation. I actually tried out the sony ax53 but was very disapointed with the picture quality. We had been using my fuji xt2 to stream the services and hoped the sony could be a permanent fix, but I think weˋre back to the fuji. We have bought a few video lights but the camera has to be back a fair piece likely hindering our quality of output. Do you have any last minute suggestions before I return the Sony?

  2. Good night father first thank you for the content it was very good, we are starting to broadcast our services but we are amateurs on the subject, we have 3 sony ax43 an Atem mini and for some reason we are unable to reproduce the image of the 3 cameras at the same time, we bought 2 HDMI cables of 15 meters and one of 20 meters, only one works, the other two do not recognize, which size and type of cable you indicate and another problem is that when we do live all the information that has on the camera display is visible to the public, if you can help us thank you, we are a small church of Brazilians in Ireland.

    1. Hello, I apologize but I am not an expert when it comes to setting things like this up. The guy in this video is an expert in that area however, and his name is Patrick Murphy-Racey. You can try reaching out to him for some help. He’s a really nice guy, so I’m pretty sure if you reach out and he has the time, he might be able to help you out.


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