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The Sony A99 II Is Finally Here!! Breakdown….

Sony recently announced their new flagship full frame A-Mount professional camera, the A99 II DSLR. Oh yeah, it’s got better everything pretty much and blows away the competition is many areas! A 42mp sensor and 12fps with full AF, for example are incredible, not to mention the killer updated autofocus system, and 4k video capabilities. For all those that thought the A-Mount line was dead, guess what, it’s alive and back with a vengeance! For $3198 US, this camera offers ridiculous power and features!

Sony Pro A-Mount DSLR users have been demanding a new top quality camera for a really long time, and Sony took forever to come up with an answer due to the full frame mirrorless explosion. I also think the insane speed that technology was progressing, also resulted in design delays, updates, and overhauls. Sony finally wrapped up all the critical elements in their Mirrorless E-Mount camera line, and learned a ton in the process. It looks like they then incorporated some of the newer hybrid AF sensor technology like the A7r Mark II has, and 4k video capabilities, plus all the other pro quality and features you would expect.

Pro Features like: Dual memory cards, large battery, all needed ports with real weather sealing and rugged rubberized doors, fully articulating screen with the armored close option, 5-axis Steadyshot inside, 14-bit Raw files, and super high ISO 102400 abilities if needed, just to name a few…

Based on my initial impressions of the New Sony A99 II, it looks like the best value for the dollar pro DSLR style camera that has ever been made! Sony consistently blows away the competition with technology and value for dollar in my opinion, and the new A99 II is just another example of this from my perspective.For all those that thought the A-Mount line was dead, guess what, it’s alive and back with a vengeance!
Lets break this New A99 II down a bit more shall we 🙂
Key Features: 

  • 42MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Max Resolution = 7952 x 5304
  • BIONZ X Image Processor & Front-End LSI
  • 0.5″ 2.36M-Dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder EVF
  • Internal UHD 4K Video & S-Log3 Gamma
  • S&Q Motion in Full HD from 1-120 fps
  • Hybrid Phase Detection AF System
  • ISO 102400 and 12 fps Shooting with AF
  • 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization
  • 3.0″ 1,228.8k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor
  • Built-In Wi-Fi & NFC; 14-Bit Raw Output
  • Weight = 1.87 lb / 849 g (Body with Battery and Memory)
  • Price = $3198 US 

Sony A99 II Body Shots and Promo Illustrations:

Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
SLT-A99V - Front Body Only
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
sony alpha slt dslr camera guide
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony A99 Top
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera
Sony a99 II DSLR Camera

Sony A99 II Promo Videos:

Reviews and Testing Videos:

Closing Remarks:

As you can see Sony is still in the Pro Photography game and is pumping out quality to cost ratios that really have put the competition in check. $3198 US for all the features the new A99 II has is a steal in my opinion.

Just quickly looking at the newer Canon 5d Mark IV for example, and other than the dual pixel technology it offers, I don’t see near the power the A99 II offers. The Canon offers 7fps vs Sony’s 12fps, the sensor on the Canon Mark IV is 30mp w/ dual pixel technology, and the Sony has the 42mp Exmor R  Sensor technology. The Canon does have a touchscreeen option, and goes for $3499 US. A few hundred more, for significantly less performance in the areas that matter to a lot of Pro photographers. Frames per second are big, and the Sony destroys the competition in this regard with 12pfs. The sensor technology the Canon is offering looks pretty amazing and I do love the Canon 5d Mark II camera owning one myself. I have nothing bad to say about the Canon 5d camera’s, but when you look at the bang for the buck, it seams clear that Sony is offering more for the money when it comes to the features and power.

Switching camera lines is a daunting task when huge lens investments are at play, which is why I never got rid of my Canon Pro gear. I went down the Sony mirrorless road instead and have the older Nex-6 and original full frame Sony A7r. If I need to do pro work, which I very rarely do anymore, I will use my now old  Canon 5d Mark II and the Sony A7r as a second shooter. I know a ton of people doing this, but they are using the newest Sony A7r II or A7s II mostly as a second shooter. I am no longer an active pro photographer, so I can’t afford or justify upgrading my gear very often. What I have works awesome, so that is my deal these days just so you guys are aware.

As new reviews come out, we will learn more about the real world performance of the new flagship Sony A99 II DSLR camera. I can tell you the older A99 performed incredible when I used it a few times over the years, so this new refined unit should be significantly better based on what I just learned creating this breakdown article.

Please let me know what you guys think, and have a great day!

Check availability and Pricing for the New Sony A99 II @ BHPhoto and Amazon

  1. This is first FF camera that I am tempted by. It would be perfect match for my A77II, they even use same battery grip 😉

    1. I can see the temptation Obelix, and with your interest in video the full frame sensor does make sense over the A6500 in some regards. The price point is also extremely attractive for all the “pro” features. Being outside in harsh conditions makes this a better option than the A6500 as well. My only thought is the crop factor reach advantage, but you could always put the full frame camera into crop factor mode. I’m not 100% sure how that would effect video though, or if you can even shoot video in crop factor mode. I would need to study up on that a bit more. The A7r II has super 35mm mode, and I don’t know if the A99 II has that feature or not. I don’t see it advertised in the promo material. The other issue I thought of is the aperture f/3.5 minimum when recording video with AF. For your purposes, I don’t think that will matter to much though?
      Thanks for the comments and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide! I might be able to get one to play with for a little while if you want?

      1. It does have Super 35 mode.
        I got the a77 grip for the a99ii and it’s nice but it’s only 2 batteries instead of the a99 3 batteries. But that will make it lighter and smaller so that’s good for travel sake.

        1. Thanks for the comments Twah and I’m really happy to hear the EVF is hugely improved, it has way better ISO performance, and that it has Super 35mm Mode. I also like the refined more rugged design much more from a look perspective. That is pretty cool how you can use the A77 II battery grip or the A99 grip also 😉
          So what do you think about the design and ruggedness? It looks like a nice blend between the A900 hard edges and the A99 soft edges to me…
          Thanks again for the comments and now I really want to review this beast!

  2. Just got mine yesterday (Friday dec 9th 2016 for archive sake) and I was just playing and at 12,800, it looked like 3200 on my a99. I wasn’t going to upgrade. I had my a900 for 5 years and the a99 for 2 now. I wanted that extra ISO performance and I definitely got it. This camera is a huge improvement over the a99. The evf looks like the a900 ovf! The a99 looks old and dated the a99ii evf is spectacular! It looks like an ovf that’s how bright and clear it is. Haven’t gotten to play much with it but it seems to be a killer upgrade.

    1. Great comment and just the feedback I was hoping someone would post.
      Love my a99 and the only drawback of this fab camera has been the noise level at even moderately high ISO’s.
      I have continued to invest in A-Mount glass even when Sony were quiet. Really looking forward to getting my hands on an A99II. THANKS.

    2. Awesome comments for sure and really glad to hear the updates are substantial 😉 Really appreciate the comments, thanks again!

  3. Really interested in all the comments, I was going to get the 5dIV, (I am a cannon user so I would be having to start again with gear) I am worried about the change over to another system, I keep hoping to find a video taking us through the set up and different options available in the menu of the A99ii. Do you know if there are any tutorials or when might somebody do a tutorial, can you?! Thanks.

    1. Hi Tasha,
      I plan on going all out with the A99 II when I get it. So yes, tutorials, how-to’s, and a super in depth review 😉 I also have a Canon 5d Mark II, so I understand the issue of switching systems very well… It really sucks is the bottom line, but not the end of the world. Basically you will need to have both systems for a little while in order to learn, or else you will be lost for a while. I would sell off any lenses that you don’t absolutely need and then by the Sony lens that you need most first. That would be a good way to start the migration in my opinion, without having to go totally crazy with money and learning all at once…
      Please feel free to ask more questions if you have them, I’m always happy to help!

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