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Sony Video AutoFocus Tutorial for a9 a7RII a6500 a6300 a6000

Sony A6500

I just came across this Sony Video AutoFocus Tutorial for Sony A9, A7r II, A6500, A6300, and A6000 by Jason Vong. He really hits it out of the park with this video tutorial! I try to incorporate tips like this in my Sony video reviews, but I never did a video auto focus specific tutorial  like this one!!

I really want you guys to get the most out of your Sony cameras, so I’m not afraid to show off other peoples work here on SonyAlphaLab! Please be sure to check out Jason Vong’s youtube channel here, because he has some really awesome content and production quality is at another level!

The Sony mirrorless camera systems have a number of ways to utilize the auto focus abilities. Sony gives you several different tools that can be taken advantage of depending on what you are trying to do. For example, Spot focus is great for when you need to focus on only one specific thing, flexible spot is great for tracking subjects, etc…

So how does this relate to video recording and more?? Well check out this video and I guarantee you will learn a few things!

Sony Video Auto Focus Tutorial for a9 a7RII a6500 a6300 a6000

Sony A6500 – How-To Use AutoFocus: Drive Modes, Focus Modes, and Focus Area

Here is a video I created showing off some similar settings, but I did not specifically address video like Jason Vong did in the excellent video above. Between both these videos, I really think all your questions will be answered… If not, feel free to ask away in the comments section below!!

Gary Friedman – Sony AutoFocus Modes

Gary Friedman breaks down the Sony Autofocus system on the Sony A7r II to another level in this video. I highly recommend checking this one out as well.

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That is all for now, but please feel free to let me know if you see any other great videos like this one, and I will be happy to share and give due credit in kind 😉

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