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Sony A6600 - Quick Start Guide for Beginners - Skip the Manual...

Sony A6600 – Quick Start Guide for Beginners – Skip the Manual…

In this video I will go over the initial set-up of the Sony A6600 so you can skip the manual and get out there and start taking photos and recording videos as fast as possible.

If you have never used a Sony camera, or are coming from a point and shoot style camera, or cell phone, than this is a must watch video! If you are looking to learn some fundamentals and best practices when using you new Sony camera than I highly recommend watching this video as well.

I am using the Sony A6600 in this video, but all the new Sony mirrorless cameras are the same as far as the initial set-up is concerned. yeni casino siteleri So don’t worry if you don’t have the A6600, because you will still get the Quick Start knowledge you need in this video!

Please feel free to ask questions below and have a great day 🙂

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