Sony A6600 - Quick Start Guide for Beginners - Skip the Manual...

Sony A6600 – Quick Start Guide for Beginners – Skip the Manual…

In this video I will go over the initial set-up of the Sony A6600 so you can skip the manual and get out there and start taking photos and recording videos as fast as possible.

If you have never used a Sony camera, or are coming from a point and shoot style camera, or cell phone, than this is a must watch video! If you are looking to learn some fundamentals and best practices when using you new Sony camera than I highly recommend watching this video as well.

I am using the Sony A6600 in this video, but all the new Sony mirrorless cameras are the same as far as the initial set-up is concerned. So don’t worry if you don’t have the A6600, because you will still get the Quick Start knowledge you need in this video!

Please feel free to ask questions below and have a great day 🙂

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Thanks again, Jay

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