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Sony Nex-F3 – Sample HD Video

I took some HD Video Footage over the past few days with the Sony Nex-F3 and it performed as you might expect if your a regular reader. About the same as the Nex-5n in the video department, although not as many formats to chose from. I used the AVCHD 60i format and the 24P format for all the sample footage below. I also used iMovie to import the video directly off the camera onto my MacBook Pro. I usually use .mp4 format and Final Cut Pro, but my version  of the program is old, and it has issues with the AVCHD files for whatever reason. I really want to record in the best quality possible also and this solution works great for my purposes.

iMovie works awesome and is incredible easy to use. It’s not as powerful as Abobe Premier or the latest Final Cut Pro, but the output quality is excellent, abd I don’t need all those features/ power for what I do. If I do need more power I have Motion to play with.  Windows users can try Movie Maker or the software that comes with the camera which is only for windows and not Mac.

HD Video Sample Footage

I uploaded the video using the best Youtube preset from iMovie, which was the 1080p option. So, be sure to Click on the video quality settings once the video starts and select the 1080 HD option, then go full screen!!

Closing Remarks:

The video footage is just around the house type stuff, but still it looks good and is very sharp. The Autofocus performance in video mode is about the same as the Nex-5n as far as I can tell, but the AF does seem faster when taking photos!! The color is also very vivid in standard mode as it usually is off the Sony cameras.

That is about it for now stay tuned for more Nex-F3 videos and sample pics 😉