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Shooting Portraits Wide Open vs Stopping Down Part 2 | Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

In this excellent portrait photography related video courtesy of the very talented Miguel Quiles, you will learn all about what aperture to use when taking portraits and why. Be sure to check out Miguel’s other videos and work on his killer youtube channel here >>

Miguel Quiles
Published on Apr 12, 2019

Shooting portraits wide open versus stopping down, which is better? The answer may REVOLUTIONIZE your portrait work! I made this video to answer a common question, why f8? f11? f16? I Canlı Lightning Rulet Oyna tend to take portraits at those higher f-stop values due to the increased depth of field, which exposes more skin texture and details in portraits. It also sets these portraits apart from the plethora of portraits being taken by newer photographers at f/1.4. Now, you’ll see in-depth how all of this works and how you can apply this concept for yourself!

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