Disney Vacation Video, Nex-6 and GoPro HD Hero Cameras

I took several video clips using the my Sony Nex-6 and my GoPro Hero2 that I’ve had for some time now. The Nex-6 did a great job with the video in my opinion and the GoPro Camera, which is similar to the Sony Action Cam, offered a new perspective on the pool and more. I really want to get the Sony Action Camera, because it’s built in image stabilization looks and sounds awesome!

I used iMovie to import and process the video from the Nex-6 and GoPro Cameras. IΒ  recorded using the AVCHD quality @ 24p 24M (FX) on the Nex-6, and the 1080 option on the GoPro.Β  iMovie clearly compressed the video as did Youtube, but the footage is still pretty good for my purposes. Especially when considering the high ISO and difficult shooting conditions. All the video footage was taken hand held except for one pool clip.

Please be sure to select the Highest Quality possible in the youtube player preferences once the movie starts. It looks like a little gear on the bottom right, and 1080 full screen mode is the way to go although it may take a minute to load depending on your connection speed.

Disney Vacation Video

I just wanted to remind you that this is just random footage from my vacation and may not be the most impressive compilation to watch. I’m not a cinematographer, but decided to utilize the killer video feature that is on my Nex-6. In any event, have a closer look at our Disney trip if you like.
Please be sure to select the Highest quality possible in the youtube player preferences once the movie starts.

Closing Remarks

I hope you all enjoyed the video and please feel free to ask questions or comment below. I honestly debated on sharing the video for a while, so I hope you got something enjoyable out of it with your time πŸ˜‰
Thanks again for checking out SonyAlphaLab, and stay tuned for some new Sony gear that just showed up last evening!

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