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    Customizing Settings for the NEX-6 … Make it Work the Way You Do!

    I’ve had my Sony NEX-6 for just a few weeks, but love it a little bit more every time I pick it up. And now that I’ve had a chance to customize the settings, I like it even better!! The menu systems on these NEX cam...
    by Mike Hendren


    Sony Nex-6 Manual Focus and Focus Peaking Sample Photo

    Sony Nex-6 – Manual Focus and Focus Peaking with Fotodiox Lens Adapter and Canon EF Lenses

    In this article I’m going to show you how to set-up and use the Sony Nex-6 Focus Peaking feature for Manual Focus purposes! I use the Fotodiox Lens Adapter for my my demonstrations, but any lens adapter will do the job de...
    by Jay

    Sony Camera Applications

    Getting Started with “Apps” on your Sony NEX-5R or NEX-6 | PlayMemories WiFi

    Hello, My Name is Mike Hendren and I’m a new Author. Jay and I met through the amazing internet and share a lot of the same passions as it relates to Sony and Photography. We’re both enjoying the New Sony Camera Tec...
    by Mike Hendren



    How-To: Sony A57 Menus and Functions Settings Explained – Sony Alpha School in Session!

    In this video tutorial I will go over the Sony Alpha 57 Menu interface detail!Starting with the basic camera options all the way to programing custom buttons. The Menu on the A57 is incredible deep and detailed. There are tons ...
    by Jay


    Ocean Sunrise

    Improve Your Landscape and Travel Photography

    Today I want to talk about landscape and travel photography and share some tips and tricks to help improve your landscape and travel photography. Even though I make my living as an assignment, event and a portrait photograph...
    by Monico

    Tripod set up to capture a sunrise

    Tripod Types and Tips – The Second of Two Articles

    This will be the second of two articles about tripods. Part one was an introduction to tripods. For part two I’ll be talking about the different types of tripods available, the tripods I personally own and I’ll share some t...
    by Monico


    Couple at Sunset

    Location Portraiture | Adding People to your Landscape Photography

    One thing I enjoy as a full-time photographer is getting out of the studio to take Location Portraits. An easy way to think about cool location portraits is that you’re Adding People to a Landscape Photograph. In my last...
    by Monico



    How-To: Adobe Lightroom 4 – Enhancing Portraits and Photos

    In this video tutorial using the New Adobe Lightroom 4, I will go over how I edit a portrait and explain several advanced techniques to make your photos stand out!!  We will go over the basic crop, and then advanced spot remov...
    by Jay


    How To – Get the Correct Exposure With Your Digital Camera

    There is a lot to learn when it comes to digital photography, and one of the best topics to start with is Exposure. This tutorial will go over all the key factors that relate to exposure and give tons of sample photos illustrat...
    by Jay


    Civil Twilight on the Lake

    More Tips for Improving Your Landscape and Travel Photography

    In my last article for Sony Alpha Lab I shared some of my thoughts on landscape photography and I also shared a Lightroom trick I use to make your skies look a deeper color of blue. In this article I’ll be sharing a few m...
    by Monico

    Adobe Bridge - All you need to know

    Adobe Bridge CS5: All You Need to Know!! Three Movies, all Free!!

    In this video tutorial series geared towards the New Adobe Bridge User, we will be going through Adobe Bridge CS5 the way I use it. Being a Photographer and camera gear reviewer I use a lot of different features to help speed u...
    by Jay


    Nex5R6 Cover new

    New E-book about the Nex 5R and Nex 6 from FriedmanArchives

    The Complete Guide to Sony’s NEX-5R and NEX-6 Mirrorless Cameras by Gary Friedman and Mike Hendren is finally available from the Friedman Archives.  The book provides in-depth coverage of every function and feature of yo...
    by Mike Hendren