Sony A7s – Menu System, Buttons, and Camera Settings Explained

Sony A7s

Hi everybody and welcome to! In this post I have a detailed HD video where I will go over the Sony Alpha A7s Menu System, Buttons, and Camera settings! It’s pretty long, but the camera is really powerful and the menu system is deep with several new features and options unique to the Sony A7s. I go over the camera buttons first because there are a lot of them available and certain options only apply to specific buttons by default. Next I go into the menu system and break it down with all the info you will need I hope 😉

I cover all the camera settings that you need to know including Focus modes, Metering modes, Quality settings,  Recording options, Creative Styles, Picture Effects, Picture Profiles, WB, Shooting modes, Face detection, Zebra, Grid Lines, Marker Display, Focus Peaking, Silent Shooting, Display Settings, Function Menu set-up, Custom buttons, and much more!!

Sony A7s – Menu System, Buttons, and Camera Settings Explained

Be sure to select the HD Quality, so you can go fullscreen and have the best viewing experience possible!

Closing Remarks

That is about it for now and I apologize for not being around for several days. I will get to your comments and questions everybody! I have not been feeling well the past week or so and Wednesday it really hit me hard. I felt like I was going to pass out at work all day and when I got home I drank water and just went to sleep. I slept all the way through till morning, I was so tired, and woke up with a pounded headache plus was achy like when you have the flu. I went to the Dr. and I had no fever, but the other symptoms were present so he took blood for testing. I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but I do feel much better today and I should get the blood work results from the Dr as well. He thinks I have some kind of virus based on the weird symptoms, or possible Lyme disease from a recent tic bit? I really don’t know, but I had a pounded headache and was super achy and tired for days. The tic bit makes sense to me, but I took antibiotics for that? Really weird to say the least and on top of that my wife Michele is about to give birth to our second child, any second!

So, it’s a bit crazy around the lab these days what I’m trying to tell you and that is why 😉  Have a good day and thanks again for checking in!

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