Sony A6500 – How-To – Focus Modes, Drive Modes, Touch Focus, and More…

In this fairly quick How-To style video tutorial, I will show you how to use the various auto focus features on the Sony A6500. There are many auto focus related options, and if you really want to harness the power of the camera, you should check out this video!

This video is specifically designed for those looking to learn more about the Sony A6500 auto focus system in particular. If you are new to the Sony Cameras in general, this video will be very helpful! If your not new to the Sony Camera system, then you still might learn a thing or two 😉

Most of the Sony cameras are similar as far as the focus modes go, but if you are coming from another brand like Canon, Nikon, Fuji, or Olympus for example, the focus features are very different.
So, on with the video and please feel free to ask questions if you have them below in the comments area..

Sony A6500 – How-To – Focus Modes, Drive Modes, Touch Focus, and More…

Correction/ additional information

One correction that was pointed out to me in the youtube comments, was how the AF-S focus mode has options in the menu that I did not specifically explain. Basically you can change the AF-S and AF-C focus mode priority as it relates to the shutter re-leasing. So, the AF option means that a focus lock must be made in order for the camera to take the photo. The Release option, means the camera will take the photo even if the focus is not locked onto something. Balanced Emphasis is just a combination of the two other options. I prefer the AF option, just so you know! I want my focus locked on before the camera fires in pretty much all situations. If I want an out of focus frame, I just switch to manual focus mode by either hitting the AF/MF button, or by going into the focus modes and changing to MF.

Thanks to Ian for the heads up on those features and explanation. I have not had a chance to go through the A6500 help guide completely, so I did not know what those features meant specifically when making the video. I just wanted to let you guys know the options were there…

Back Focus and other Custom Button Configurations

Please check out this video to learn more about customizing buttons and how to program them. I used the Sony A7r II for this video, but the concepts are the same to the A6500 other than the menu being slightly different of course…

Closing Remarks

I really hope you guys got something out of this tutorial style video and please feel free to ask questions and comment below as always 😉 If I missed anything or made any mistakes, I would also be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter. My goal is to be as accurate and helpful as possible to those trying to learn the Sony camera system, so I’m not afraid to make corrections or admit I made a error, as I am human and it happens from time to time…

Thanks again for checking in and have a wonderful day,

Gear used for this article: 
Sony A6500 @ BHPhoto | Amazon
Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens @ BHPhoto | Amazon
Sony A7r II @ BHPhoto | Amazon

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