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Sony Nex-F3 Unboxing and More!

A box arrived from and in this quick and dirty unboxing video, I will show you the goods how they arrived to me. I also had my little helper Layla with me, because as you can imagine time is limited after work. She did a good job helping as you will see in the video 😉

Here’s the gear that arrived yesterday with links:

Sony NEX-F3 Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Silver), Sony ECM-SST1 Compact Stereo Microphone,Sony OLED Electronic Viewfinder for NEX-5N Camera, Sony Remote Commander for Alpha Series & NEX-5, NEX-7 Cameras, and the YASUHARA Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)

Sony Nex-F3 and other New Gear Unboxing

Sony Nex-F3

Closing Remarks:

Thant is it for now, but stayed tuned for later on today as I have a full HD Preview Video on it’s way of the gear above up close and personal 😉 It’s coming out pretty good, and I putting some music to it for your listening pleasure as well.

Quick First Impression on the Nex-F3 : Heavier and Beefier than the Nex-5n. Particularly noticeable around the tripod mount area as that clearly needed to be beefed up!!

I wonder if the tripod mount ripping off My Nex-7 had anything to do with that engineering decision??  Apparently, I was the first person to call Sony with a Broken Nex-7 at the time it happened!! See, it’s not always good to be first  😉