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Sensor Size Compared

In this fantastic video courtesy of The Slanted Lens, we see in great detail the differences in sensor sizes as far as actual real world print quality, color, dynamic range, and just overall detail and quality. These gentlemen really did an excellent job and I highly recommend the watch!

Does Sensor Size Matter? Camera Sensor Size Comparison

Thanks for watching and I really hope you learned something about sensor size and how the quality differences actual do matter in the real world depending on your needs 😉 In short, brazzers you get what you pay for and usability/ ease of use also comes at a cost in quality.

Have a great day, Jay

  1. Thanks for making this video, interesting, but there is more.

    Dynamic range: sensor size or pixel pitch?

    Color clarity: sensor size and/or lens quality?

    When testing dynamic range shouldn’t pixel pitch count more than sensor surface area? What I’d like to see is a comparison including the the a7Riv, a7Riii, and a7iii, and also the a6600.

    Since pixel pitch in the FF 61mp sensor is is nearly identical to that of the APS-C 24mp, I predict you’ll find the a7iii has best dynamic range, and might be as good as that of the medium format 50mp Hasselblad, and that the a7Riv is at the bottom along with the a6600, leaving the FF 42mp a7Riii in the middle.

    Regarding the color rendition and clarity, repeat the comparison of the a7Riv with the Hasselblad, but on the Sony use a Zeiss Loxia or better yet a Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar. The lovely photo made with the Hasselblad with perfect colors and precise apertures stars also reflects lens characteristics.

    1. Very interesting points Richard 😉 I totally agree about the optical quality being very important, but I still feel these guys did a great test overall. Pushing the dynamic range and color retention in particular… Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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