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November 11, 2012

Getting Started with “Apps” on your Sony NEX-5R or NEX-6 | PlayMemories WiFi

Sony Camera Applications


My Name is Mike Hendren and I’m a new Author. Jay and I met through the amazing internet and share a lot of the same passions as it relates to Sony and Photography. We’re both enjoying the New Sony Camera Technology, and writing articles about it. I was invited to share some of my experiences here at SonyAlphaLab and I’m excited to participate!!

One of the New Innovations in Sony’s NEX-5R and NEX-6 is a feature called PlayMemories!! The ability to download and install Applications directly to your new Sony Camera! Plus, you can do this by connecting your camera to your computer OR setting up the camera on your Wifi network.

So far, Sony has provided six apps with the promise of more to come, soon. Here’s the first six that have been made available (Most are free but a couple of them are reasonably priced at $4.99.):

  • Direct Upload (Free)
  • Picture Effect+ (Free)
  • Photo Retouch (Free)
  • Multi Frame NR ($4.99)
  • Bracket Pro ($4.99)
  • Smart Remote Control (Free)

So, now that you have your new NEX, let me simplify the “app” install process just a little bit for you by suggesting the first thing you do is to setup your accounts on the Sony websites.

Start by going to the PlayMemories Camera Apps website at: and setup your account. The same login information for this website should also apply to the PlayMemories Online website ( where you will also need to have an account. The App store is where you will go to download the camera applications and you will also find user manuals for each app, there.

The PlayMemories Online website is one of the places your photos (and videos) can be sent when you use the Direct Upload app on your camera. Here you can also share an album or send a postcard with an image and message of your choosing via email (messages on the card are rather limited at 50 characters).

So with your accounts already set up, just log in to the PlayMemories App store on your Nex-5R or Nex-6, select the app you want (I started with the Smart Remote Control app), select the “Install” link on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions. Essentially they just tell you to turn the camera on and connect it to your computer with the supplied USB cable. After the download, it automatically installs on your camera and you’re ready to go. If you want more apps now, just leave the camera connected and select the next app you want.

Forget the cable.

Never again be stuck with your photos on your camera instead of where you want them. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you transfer photos directly to smartphones and tablets with the PlayMemories Mobile, app. Share your photos, view them on large screen TVs, or save them to your PC without the hassle and clutter of cords11.

PlayMemories Applications, Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5R

PlayMemories Applications, Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5R


Stay tuned to SonyAlphaLab for coming posts about setting up Wifi on your camera and actually using some of these Camera Applications!!

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About the Author

Mike Hendren
I've had a camera of one kind or another for about 50 years. Of course, I used film for most of that time, but went pure digital almost 12 years ago. After using Canon and Nikon for a number of years, I jumped to Sony over a year ago and have never looked back.


  1. Noovuss

    Hi Jay,
    I just got my Nex 6 and I really love the camera. One of the reason I bought the camera was the possibility of downloading apps. I set up an account with Sony on my home computer and set up the camera to get on my home wifi. It took about 5 minutes to get the camera running on my home connection and I never opened the instruction book. It’s really very intuitive. I down loaded 2 apps from Sony, the camera installed them and they work. Wow. It’s really very fast and easy and I’m an old analog guy.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi and thanks for taking the time to stop by SonyAlphaLab. I agree with you – I love the Nex-6, too! Before I got it, I had already decided it just couldn’t replace my Nex-7, but now ………… I’m not so sure. :-)
      I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found the interface and setup to be as intuitive as I have. Be sure and let us know how those apps are working for you and stop by again soon for more great info about the Nex-6.

  2. Noovuss

    I’m curious about the ability to turn the wifi off when not In use to save the battery?
    I can’t seem to find this in the menus.

    • You’re right – I haven’t seen that in the menus, either. My guess would be that it’s only on when an associated app is running, like Direct Upload or Smart Remote Control. I’ll have to check with Sony to see if that’s the case.
      This camera starts up so quickly and easily with the switch around the shutter button, that I just turn it off if a photo opportunity isn’t imminent. I also turn off the quick review feature, and have the sleep timer set to something pretty short because it wakes up so fast. Because of previous NEX cameras I also have an extra battery and the external battery charger so I almost always have a freshly charged battery available.

      • Noovuss

        Good ideas Mike!
        I’ll set my camera as you suggest.
        Thanks big time and Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.

      • Jay

        Good stuff Mike, Thanks!!

        The manual also states that the viewfinder eats up the battery much faster than the LCD screen. So using the LCD screen as much as possible will also help ;)


      • citykid

        Can I turn off WIFI in a Sony Nex camera? Whenever this question comes up *other* battery life savers are mentioned avoiding to simply answer the very clear question.

        1. Since my Sony Vaio Z Noetboook eats 30% more battery when WIFI is enabled I do not believe that WIFI in the Sony Nex does not matter for battery live.

        2. No, there is no switch to turn off WIFI in the Sony Nex cameras. Sony please add this!

      • Jay


        Yes you are correct there is no off switch for the wi-fi on the Nex-6, but you have “Turn On” the Applications in order to use any of the wi-fi features, Therefore the Wi-fi is only on during that usage. If it was always on, my battery life would be horrendous as you explained with your laptop analogy. Thanks for the comments!


  3. Gitesh

    Hey Interesting Blog. Does the apps work with NEX 7.

    • Hi and thank you very much. I’m sorry but the NEX-7 does not support Sony Apps. So far, just the NEX-5R and NEX-6. I would hope this will be a feature that is supported in future Sony cameras, but the older versions don’t have that capability.
      Of course, it could be as simple as a firmware update (except for the Wifi capability, of course), so who knows. I would think Sony would want to expand their user base / market for their apps too.

  4. Rob

    Hello … I’m having real problems getting apps onto my NEX 5R.

    I have tried to download the application downloader on my computer but it never works. Could you please tell me how to do it directly from the camera – I have an account with SONY Playmemories already.

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Rob. I apologize for taking so much time to answer your question, but the last couple of days have been kinda crazy! :-)
      Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming ebook about the NEX-5R/6 … hope it helps:
      If you want to setup the camera so it can download apps over a wireless connection, select: Menu ? Applicaton ? PlayMemories Camera Apps. The first time, it will say “No access point could be found” and present a Network Settings button. Just press Soft Key C, then use the Up/Down buttons to select your desired way to access the network (WPS Push, Access Point Settings, or Hotspot). My Apple router does not have a WPS Push button, so I went with Access Point Settings. When you select this, the camera should see your local Wifi network and ask for the password. This is where it gets a bit tedious using the onscreen keyboard, especially on the NEX-6. The NEX-5R has touch screen capability, so it’s just a matter of “carefully” touch typing the password, while the NEX-6 keyboard requires you to move from letter to letter using the Up/Down/Left/Right Keys (or the Control Dial).

  5. I recently bought one 6-Nex Sony Store here in Brazil, but I’m very disappointed as I enter the site, follow the steps to download the free apps, but in the end I get message that “there is no service for this region” .. . I have observed that in other countries like Portugal and others are also having this impediment to download apps for Sony Nex-6 … Why?
    We other countries bought Sony products, but we are prevented from using apps …

    Does Sony will provide apps for other regions of the world?
    I do not understand this procedure of the Sony …

    thank you

  6. Hi Luiz. I’ve heard this from various other users around the world and frankly, I don’t know why some countries are allowed and others not. It doesn’t make any business sense for Sony to make that decision so I have to wonder if it might be due to some governmental restrictions, or taxes, or even a tariff of some kind.
    That’s really too bad, too, because some of the apps are nice additions to the cameras capability.
    You know it seems that I’ve read somewhere on the internet that there may be ways around these restrictions, so good luck – maybe you can find a way to bypass that.
    Here is an idea about how to circumvent the restriction:

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi,just a quick question. After the apps are successfully installed, you can use them even without wifi connectivity right? thanks!

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